Industrie 4.0

Data analytics for the fourth industrial revolution, such as proactive service and maintenance of production resources or finding anomalies in production processes.



Data-driven aspects of medicine are explored, such as the need-driven care of patients or IT controlled medical technology.


Smart Infrastructure

Untersuchung datengetriebener Aspekter städtischen Lebens, bspw. der Verkehrssteuerung, der Müllentsorgung oder der Katastrophenbewältigung, bedarfsgesteuerte Optimierung von Verbrauchsmodellen, basierend auf Daten intelligenter Stromzähler.

Featured Projects

  • ibm-logo

    Optimization of product quality at OSRAM Schwabmünchen

    An important goal in the implementation of an industry 4.0 strategy is the optimization of production to further increase the quality of the produced product. Using data analysis of the production parameters, sensor data, test protocols and their interdependencies forecasts and rules for the production can be created.

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  • siemens-logo

    Enhancing Traffic Flow Forecasting with Environmental Models

    In this project, a traffic-flow forecasting method using environmental models is proposed. Nowadays, traffic flow prediction mainly takes into account information from individual, specific sensors. However, information from neighboring sensors and other sensors in the traffic subnet could be used to improve modern prognosis models.

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  • SDSC-BW: Smart data analysis for component manufacturing

    Smart data analyzes support the scheduling of component production at Herrenknecht AG. Within a customer order, it is necessary to produce various components. The core components are generated in individual production orders at the corporate headquarters in Schwanau. Component manufacturing includes cost, planning, production and quality data.

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  • john-deere-traktor

    Optimization of the production processes at John Deere

    The project mainly aims at the reduction of the rework and the avoidance of errors during the production of tractors at the John Deere factory in Mannheim. These two objectives are realized through a data analysis of the error information, the test protocols and their interdependencies. Based on the results of the data analysis, we can make prognoses and rules for the production planning that help the company to take one step further in the process of self-optimization.

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  • sap-logo

    Examination of various Big Data platforms regarding their performance in forensic data analyses

    The LKA Baden-Württemberg has a data pool of up to 150 TB per case. Performance is a critical factor in this context, which is why it is necessary to research in advance which Big Data platform should be used. Thus, the project aims at building prototypes which are then used to analyze the runtime and performance of various platforms.

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