Industrie 4.0

Data analytics for the fourth industrial revolution, such as proactive service and maintenance of production resources or finding anomalies in production processes.



Data-driven aspects of medicine are explored, such as the need-driven care of patients or IT controlled medical technology.


Smart Infrastructure

Untersuchung datengetriebener Aspekter städtischen Lebens, bspw. der Verkehrssteuerung, der Müllentsorgung oder der Katastrophenbewältigung, bedarfsgesteuerte Optimierung von Verbrauchsmodellen, basierend auf Daten intelligenter Stromzähler.

Featured Projects

  • Smart Brain Data Analytics

    Smart Brain Data Analyses

    The project is based on a database of around 700 pictures that show consecutive tissue sections of the human brain. Highly complex image registration procedures that use blockface-images as a reference enable the reproduction of the fixed tissue sections as correctly as possible. These high-resolution images can be used to create such high-resolution 3D-models that are part of the current top-level research at the research center in Jülich. For example, volume, structure, and shape of the brain can be visualized like this.

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